The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 8 – Defensive End Randy White

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For this spectacular player, he is favorite to write about since he even though he was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended the University of Maryland, White went to McKean High School in Wilmington, Delaware, very close to where Newark, DE. Due to his wonderful career, White is appropriately considered the best football player in the history of Delaware high school football.

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His plaque here basically sums up his wonderful career. He had big shoes to fill as he was drafted to replace a fellow hall of fame defensive lineman in Bob Lilly. The Cowboys made the right decision in following through with the selection of White as he would too, become a hall of fame football player.

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White’s tremendous high school and college career most certainly transferred over to his professional career. Throughout his 209 total games played, he was selected as a pro bowler and all-pro player nine times and gained 52 sacks. White was nicknamed the “Manster”, meaning the man and monster due to the fact that he was considered an extremely aggressive and crazy football player who would insert fear into the opposing player’s eyes.

“Strength is important…you need a combination of strength, speed, and mobility or agility…I know I have good strength; but without the speed and agility to go with it, I would not be playing major league football.”

-Randy White




The Soul Of The Game: Randy White



The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 7 – Defensive Tackle Bob Lilly

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Probably one of or the oldest player on this list, Bob Lilly, a 1980 Hall of Fame inductee rushed quarterbacks from 1961-1974. To put his playing time in perspective, the Cowboys were still apart of the AFL the same year Lilly was drafted. Number 74 was drafted fourteenth in the second round of the AFL draft and eventually drafted thirteenth overall in the NFL draft out of Texas Christian University (TCU).

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Since he played right around when the AFL and NFL finally merged together, Lilly won one of the first Super Bowls ever. In 1972, Lilly held down the Cowboys defense in a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins as Lilly as grabbed his only Super Bowl Victory then.

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Back in the days when Lilly was playing, he fought through injury as he only missed one game throughout his entire 14-year career. He gained 8 All-Pro selections and 11 Pro-Bowl nominations in his career as well. This is why Bob Lilly can be considered one of the most determined players of all time.

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-Bob Lilly





The Soul of The Game: Bob Lilly

The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 6 – Outside Linebacker DeMarcus Ware

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Although he left the Cowboys Franchise in free agency for the Denver Broncos during the offseason of 2013, DeMarcus Ware still cemented his spot as one of the best players to ever play for the Cowboys.

For this one spectacular player, he has not yet been elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as he just retired in 2016 after several years in the league along with is nine pro bowl selections and four all-pro nominations.

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As an Outside Linebacker and Defensive End in the NFL, Ware’s main job was to rush the quarterback, which he excelled at. Till this point in time, he still is number eight on the all-time sacks list with a total of 138.5.





The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 5 – Defensive Back Deion Sanders

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One of the best NFL players ever, and the best defensive player to ever wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey, Deion Sanders “Prime Time” was truly a special player.

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His stats speak for themself, throughout his 14 seasons as a wicked fast cornerback, Sanders intercepted the ball 53 times, gained 22 total touchdowns, 9 All-Pro Selections, and 8 Pro-Bowl Nominations.

Above is a handful of Prime Time’s most memorable moments throughout his career.





Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders could have shut down Megatron

The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 4 – Tight End Jason Witten

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First in career receptions, first in career receiving yards, most receptions in a single game, most games consecutive games started, all these Dallas records belong to Number 82, Tight End Jason Witten.

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Throughout his tremendous 14 years in the NFL as a Dallas Cowboy, not only did he complete those significant accomplishments, but he was nominated to 11 Pro Bowls.

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Witten can be proven as the number one Tight End to ever play for the Cowboys, not only on the field, but off the field as well. He won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award during the NFL Honors Ceremony in February 2013. His contribution to community service was so special along with the creation of his own foundation, the SCORE Foundation which assists victims of domestic abuse in Nashville, Tennessee, his hometown and where close to his college, the University of Tennessee.

The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 3-Wide Receiver Michael Irvin

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Known as the “Playmaker” and hailing from the University of Miami in South Florida, Michael Irvin led the Cowboys receiving core to three Super Bowl championships in the 1990s. His Pro Football Hall of Fame induction and Five Pro Bowl nominations also cemented him into the books as the best wide receiver to ever wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey.


According to Irvin, he soon became one of the most elite receivers in the league due to his strong work ethic. As worded by him, “The thing that gave me an edge was my work ethic. I was one of those guys who felt, the more you worked, the better you got. It was a confidence thing. I enjoy working”.

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Not only do his twelve seasons of hard work resulting in him accumulating 750 receptions, 11,904 receiving yards and 65 touchdowns, his highlight reels speak for themselves.



Cowboys' Michael Irvin opens up to Joe Buck on infamous 'White House'



The Best Cowboys in History Pt. 2-Running Back Emmitt Smith

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In this second blog, we look at yet another superb player for the franchise of the Dallas Cowboys in legendary Running Back Emmitt Smith. Hailing from the University of Florida, he was selected in the first round of the 1990 draft in the Cowboys effort to rebuild their franchise. It soon paid off as he won Offensive Rookie of the Year during the 1990 year.

Year Team G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD
1990 DAL 16 241 937 3.9 11 24 228 9.5 0
1991 DAL 16 365 1563 4.3 12 49 258 5.3 1
1992 DAL 16 373 1713 4.6 18 59 335 5.7 1
1993 DAL 14 283 1486 5.3 9 57 414 7.3 1
1994 DAL 15 368 1484 4.0 21 50 341 6.8 1
1995 DAL 16 377 1773 4.7 25 62 375 6.0 0
1996 DAL 15 327 1204 3.7 12 47 249 5.3 3
1997 DAL 16 261 1074 4.1 4 40 234 5.9 0
1998 DAL 16 319 1332 4.2 13 27 175 6.5 2
1999 DAL 15 329 1397 4.2 11 27 119 4.4 2
2000 DAL 16 294 1203 4.1 9 11 79 7.2 0
2001 DAL 14 261 1021 3.9 3 17 116 6.8 0
2002 DAL 16 254 975 3.8 5 16 89 5.6 0
2003 ARZ 10 90 256 2.8 2 14 107 7.6 0
2004 ARZ 15 267 937 3.5 9 15 105 7.0 0
Career Total 226 4,409 18,355 4.2 164 515 3224 6.3 11

As show in the statistics above, Smith can be proven to be one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NFL and the best running back for the Cowboys ever. Along with his 164 rushing touchdowns and 18,355 total running yards, he won the the MVP Award during the 1993 reason and led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl wins during the ’90s. Forever, Number 22 will always be remembered as a legend.

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Following Video is a Collection of Emmitt Smith’s Greatest Moments of his Career